Replacement Blade for CST-1900 and CST-4000

This product is the replacement blade for our Round Cable Strip and Ring Tools (CST-1900 and CST-4000). This replacement blade features the following:

  • Compatible with both CST-1900 and CST-4000 as it can slit cables 3/16" to 1 1/8" (4.5 mm to 29 mm) in diameter when used with the CST-1900 and cables 3/4" to 1 5/8" (19 mm to 40 mm) in diameter when used with the CST-4000
  • Can cut through a variety of jacket materials such as PVC, rubber, PE, and many more
  • Spring-loaded design can be rotated 90 degrees for versatile slitting and can be adjusted for multiple round cable sizes
  • Made of high carbon steel for high durability and long life

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