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VIAVI | SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 XG-PON Power Meter Basic Kit with Digital Probe Microscope | #FTS-8766

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Viavi SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 XG-PON Power Meter Basic Kit with P5000i Digital Probe Microscope

Spectrum Configurated: 1310/1490/ 1550/1270/1578 nm, SC-APC

The Viavi 2305/66 SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 XG-PON Power Meter is an PON power meter for use in qualifying, activating, and troubleshooting B-PON, E-PON, G-PON, and next-generation, high-speed 10 G PONs, such as XG-PON and 10G-EPON networks. As part of the Viavi Solutions SmartClass Fiber family, the OLP-87 combines a high-performance λ-selective PON meter with pass/fail fiber inspection analysis into one portable solution. These combined capabilities guarantee service providers a lifetime of system performance from their network connectivity and gives contractors an essential tool for delivering best-inclass, reliable networks to their customers.

The OLP-87 is ideal for end-of-line testing, activation, and maintenance of all PON signals. The through-mode capability can simultaneously measure voice, data, and RF video signals on fiber at 1490/1550/1578 nm downstream and 1270/1310 nm burst mode upstream.

The OLP-87 is compatible with the P5000i digital analysis microscope (sold separately), allowing users to check fiber end-face quality and get pass/fail acceptance results with one button push.

The handheld OLP-87 can be used anywhere today's fiber technicians go, up poles or down holes. Technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from this powerful, easy-to-use solution that can help any technician become an instant fiber expert.