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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!
Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

UCL Swift; SWIFT KF4A Active Cladding Alignment Splicer

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$5,999.95 - $5,999.95
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 UCL Swift; SWIFT KF4A Active Cladding Alignment Splicer 

The Swift KF4A is a highly advanced, All-In-One active cladding alignment fusion splicer, designed to perform the major 5 functions systematically: stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and protecting. The Swift KF4A is the best fit for fusion splicing and fusion splice-on connectors (SOC) of FTTx network applications. It eliminates fatal issues common with conventional mechanical connectors including low quality, weak durability and high maintenance costs. The Swift KF4A fusion splicer coupled with our fusion splice-on connectors provides customers the best ROI.

  • Rotating blade life allows up to 77,000 cleaves
  • Integrated 5 functions in one unit (stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, protecting)
  • The fusion splicer with All-In-One system provides the best workability onsite and in a limited work space
  • No scratches on fiber by thermal stripping
  • Compatible with Fusion Splice-on Connector (SOC) in accordance with the industry standards
  • Ideal for Enterprise, Datacenter, Broadband and FTTH network applications

Order 2000 UCL Swift and receive a FREE KF4A Splicer. Call us for more details! 812-501-5043