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TEMPO | NETcat® Pro2 Wiring Tester | #NC-500

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The Tempo Communications NC-500 NETcat® Pro 2 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter is used for one-touch network cable and service verification. This digital tool provides fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service. It tests wiring continuity and proper pair allocation, measures cable length and determines if network service is available. It detects PoE and up to gigabit Ethernet. Pulsed TDR shows up to 2,000' length of all pairs.

The NC-500 tester comes with:

  • NETcat Pro 2 Main Unit with Stylus
  • Removable Remote Test Unit
  • Twisted pair (Modular RJ45), coax and alligator clip test cords.
  • Alkaline Battery recommended.

Key Features

  • For Use With: Compatible with Greenlee Precision Digital Probes.
  • Display: Touch Screen LCD
  • Application: Tests STP, UTP, and Coaxial Cables
  • Features: Detects Shorts, Opens, Reversed, Crossed and Split Pairs. Generate 4 Distinct, Precision Tones For Tracing Low-loss Cables. Identifies Active Network Devices On 10/100 Base-T Networks. 0-2000 Foot Cable Length via TDR. Displays Network Device Capabilities. Patch Cable and Remote Jack Wire-map. Remote Jack ID and Verification. Low Battery Indicator. Pulsed TDR Shows Length Of All Pairs.
  • Connector Type: Coax, F, RJ45
  • Includes: Cables, Tester
  • Adapter Type: F-Type
  • Line Polarity Indicator: Yes


NC-500 NETcat Pro2 Wiring Tester Datasheet

NC-500 NETcat Pro2 Wiring Tester Manual