SWIFT K33 IPAAS Core Alignment Splicer



UCL SWIFT IPAAS Core Alignment Splicer


The new Swift K33 is an IPAAS core alignment splicer ideal for medium and long-range optical circuits, LAN, CATV, FTTx. With a compact, light, rugged design and long battery life, the K33 delivers high precision performance with an electrode life of up to 18,000 splices. This new addition to the Swift family of splicers provides the lowest splice loss and rotating blade life up to 110,000 fibers.

Benefits & Features

  • ROTATING BLADE LIFE UP TO 77,000 + 33,000 (when increasing blade height by 0.12mm)
  • Wide 127mm (5.0 in) color LCD monitor with electrostatic touch screen & bidirectional operation system
  • Powerful lithium polymer battery with large capacity
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Lowest splice loss
  • Resistance to shock, dust, and water
  • LED lamp installed on the wind cover for low light conditions


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