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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Ripley Cablematic #34641 | Model # QRT-540 | Coring & Stripping Tool Kit for QR, TX10, ACE/ACW cable size 540 kcmil | Standard "T" Handle with Built-In Drill Adapter

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QRT Series

Coaxial Coring & Stripping Tool Kit with Easy Storage

Ripley Cablematic Mfg. #34641 | Model #QRT-540

Standard model, features a “T” handle with a built-in 3/8″ drill adapter. 

The Ripley Cablematic QRT Series is designed to simultaneously strip the jacket, core the dielectric, strip the aluminum sheath and trim the conductor to the proper length in one quick operation.  

  • Includes the JST-QR Series jacket stripping tool & CST-QR Series coring/stripping tool
  • Bronze in color for easy QR identification
  • Heat-treated sheath cutting blade produces a smooth, beveled edge & can be replaced (replacement blade part #14907)
Cable Compatibility
  • CommScope® Quantum Reach® (QR) 
  • Times Fiber Communications (TC) TX10
  • Alcatel, Benelux-ACE/ACW cables
Cable Size
  • 540 kcmil