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Ripley Cablematic | Center Conductor Cleaner "V" Notched Blade | #16710

by Ripley
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Brand: Ripley

SKU #16710

Model #CC-100

Ripley's CC100 V-Notch, Center Conductor Cleaner efficiently & accurately removes the dielectric close to the aluminum sheath without scratching or nicking! This tool is designed to remove residual dielectric from the conductor on all sizes of trunk & distribution cables without damage. Comes in a high-visibility red color for quick identification while on a job.


1) Select the V-shaped notch that best matches your center conductor diameter. Place the CC-100 onto the center conductor.  Clamp down and rotate the tool around the conductor until you break the dielectric bond.

2) Continue to rotate while at the same time maintaining a “clamp down and pulling” motion. This procedure will ensure that you are removing all of the dielectric from the center conductor in one easy step.

3) Using the same V-shaped notch, repeat this action, “stroking” the cleaner up and down along the length of the conductor two or three times to remove any residual dielectric and adhesive. 

Warning! This tool should not be used on live electrical circuits. It is not protected against electrical shock! Always use OSHA/ANSI/CE or other industry approved eye protection when using tools. This tool is not to be used for purposes other than intended. Read carefully and understand instructions before using this tool.