PTX-2BF - Electric Wrap/Unwrap Tool with Backforce, 230V



Designed to wrap or unwrap 18-32 AWG wire quickly and easily, this patented wrap/unwrap tool uses backforce technology to apply a predetermined amount of pressure to each connection. This wrap/unwrap tool features the following:

  • Backforce technology wraps wire with a predetermined amount of spring pressure, assuring each connection is wrapped at the same pressure every time. For best results, use 26-32 AWG wire.
  • High-powered 3700 RPM motor can handle even the heaviest gauges of wire
  • Dual-finger short-throw trigger and long handle are ergonomically certified for a comfortable experience
  • Ergonomically designed with dual-finger short-throw trigger and long handle for preventing injury
  • Permanently attached collet nut makes changing bits a cinch
  • Rated for use up to 2500 cycles/day
  • Bits and sleeves (required for operation and not included) can be purchased in Jonard's Bits & Sleeves section


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