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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Powerful Wood Boring: 5/8" x 24" Lineman's Auger Wood Bit | #POLE-SA62524

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Powerful Wood Boring for Large Holes: 5/8" x 24" Auger Wood Bit

This auger bit is designed for fast and efficient boring of large holes in wood, particularly useful for utility poles, fence posts, and landscaping timbers.

  • Extraordinarily strong: A solid center design provides exceptional rigidity to handle the demands of deep hole boring.
  • Clean and Straight Holes: Wide lands ensure the bit bores a clean, straight hole, reducing rework and saving time.
  • Efficient Chip Removal: Fluted design behind the lands effectively channels chips away from the bit, preventing clogging and keeping the bore clean.
  • Fast Boring Speed: The coarse screw point pulls the bit through wood quickly, making deep hole boring less time-consuming.

This auger bit is a great choice for professional contractors, landscapers, and DIYers who need to drill large holes in wood.