First Aid Kit, OSHA 10-Person



Prepare for medical emergencies on the job site with the First Aid Kit, OSHA 10-Person. Approved and certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this kit meets federal OSHA requirements. It also meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for conformity for products.

What is Inside the First Aid Kit

A total number of 65 items are included in this kit. The kit is made suitable to provide for a group of 10 people in a workplace setting. Inside items include plastic adhesive strips, antiseptic towelettes, scissors, and nitrile exam gloves among other adhesives and bandages.

Each First Aid Kit features a basic weather-proof plastic case that has a handle for carrying it. To keep the case securely closed, the handle has two latches. In addition, mounting tabs are put into the case. Use these to secure the First Aid Kid to your vehicle or shop wall. Find everything you need without having to think for a second—which is critical in case of an emergency.

It is considered an Easy Care First Aid Kit that handles basic medical emergencies. Whether you are on a construction site, cellular tower, or scaffolding on the side of the Empire State Building, this kit will cover basic medical care in the case of a slip and fall or other workplace accident or injury.

Why Choose the First Aid Kit, OSHA 10-Person

Update your company fleet’s emergency supplies with the First Aid Kit, OSHA 10-Person today. Ensure the health and safety of your employees while operating a vehicle. They can use this kit to handle minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. Maintain OSHA compliance in case of a road inspection by the Department of Transportation. Also, meet the ANSI standards toward providing the level of medical supplies necessary for your employees.

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