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VIAVI ONX-630D31-4285-1012-SWX ONE EXPERT CATV D3.1 MODEM ENABLED METER 42/85 MHZ - 1.0G - SWX Bronze Package

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Tired of losing productivity to shoddy equipment? Upgrade your solutions in technology for field testing with a new VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter. Ideally suited for the telecommunications industry, this CATV signal analysis meter speeds up troubleshooting for prime network performance. The VIAVI ONX-630 OneExpert CATV device is also available in the ONX-620 model. See how this device can improve your company’s commercial efforts in network telecommunications repair and installing services with more information about this signal analysis meter.

Features of the VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter

The VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter is a top-of-the-line performer for technicians who want multi-touch interfacing with automated testing. This machine does that and more. The VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter supports a simple dashboard that displays Pass/Fail results with clear accuracy. Features of the signal analysis meter:
  • AutoChannel for automated planning
  • Cloud enabled StrataSync for data sharing
  • DOCSIS 3.1
  • DuoPort and PosiScan designs, which are available only with VIAVI
  • OneCheck dashboard
  • Session Expert for onboarding and customer support
  • TrueSpeed for CM and ONT testing
  • WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • 32x8 DOCSIS

The VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter implements the latest technologies in telecommunications and fiber optics testing. Determine the most accurate testing results and maximize troubleshooting and repair times. Update the way your technicians do their field work and increase revenue over the long term. All of this can be achieved when you purchase the VIAVI ONX-630 CATV Signal Analysis Meter for your crew or new hire kit. Conduct state of the art testing on a system that is set up for the future.


Includes the VIAVI 3-year Support BRONZE Care Plan