VIAVI OneExpert CATV ONX-620 D31 Meter BASIC PKG

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Expert CATV ONX-620 D31Meter 42/85MHz - 1.0G/1.2G - BASIC PKG

Are you outfitting new hire kits for your telecommunications company? Take advantage of the capacity that the VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter affords in meter reading. This instrument is highly advanced for reading fiber optics and taking measurements. Choose the CATV Ready Meter by VIAVI for commercial cable television and home network repair and services. Troubleshooting time is reduced by a fraction thanks to the speed and efficiency of this ready meter. The VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter is also fully deployable for automated testing to reduce human error.

Features of the VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter

The VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter is a highly progressive instrument and handheld device that comes with 16 software options. Some of the premium features available through these supported software packages include:
  • Ingress and OneCheck Experts
  • IPX, NTX, SWX, and TSX Packages
  • Ookla Speedtest
  • Reverse Alignment
  • Sweepless Sweep
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connectivity
Additionally, there are several ONX features that are exclusive to the VIAVI ONX Series and ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter:
  • ONX Bluetooth SW
  • ONX DOCSIS 32x8 Bonding
  • ONX Forward Sweep
  • ONX Mobile SW
  • ONX Reverse Sweep

Upgrade your telecommunications and cable network repair kit with the VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter. The system is simple enough for even new technicians in the field to understand it while offering Channel Plans for automating actions. The VIAVI ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter system comes with AccuSource software on a disc ready to upload onto your personal computer or laptop. Get the most out of signal analysis meter reading with this new and handy ONX-620 CATV Ready Meter by VIAVI.


OneExpertTM CATV helps field technicians fix problems right—the first time. A technician-friendly interface and OneCheck™automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard that shows clear pass/fail results. And its future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting CATV networks.

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