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Mini Coax Stub End Stripper (9Mm/7Mm)

by Jonard
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Mini COAX Stub End Stripper (9 mm/7 mm)

The CSS-59M is a coaxial cable stripper specifically designed to strip the stub end of a mini coax cable in a wall outlet, exposing 9 mm of braid and 7 mm of the center conductor, which eliminates the need to run a new cable. This coaxial cable stripper features the following:

  • Easy to use: Simply insert cable, rotate like a screwdriver, and remove to strip
  • Will not cut or damage the braid or score the center conductor
  • High carbon steel blades last for over 5,000 strips on each side
  • The hook and loop strip on the bottom of the tool is used to fold back braid on cable after being stripped
  • Can be used with other blade cartridges, such as the CSS-105/110/115/120/125/130
  • The replacement cartridge for this tool is: CSS-135

Blade Replacement Instructions:

  • To replace blade cartridge: open jaws and push upwards on the front of the blade cartridge. The cartridge will lift out.
  • To install a new blade cartridge: insert the cartridge into the tool and close jaws. Give the jaws a squeeze to ensure the blade locks into place.