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Fiber Jacket Slit And Ring Tool

by Jonard
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Fiber Jacket Slit & Ring Tool

Designed to slit and ring many types of buffer tubes, breakout cables, and other types of jacketed cables, this fiber jacket slit, and ring tool is perfect for slitting OFS Minicord EZ-Bend and other similar cables.

  • L-shaped hardened steel guide and blade guard are specially designed to allow the tool to slit open jackets while protecting the buffer tubes and fiber inside the cable
  • The slitter blade is located at the top of the tool, has 1/4” of the blade exposed, and is held in place by the 1/2” L-shaped steel guide
  • The L-shaped steel guide allows for easier slitting of cables such as the OFS Minicord EZ-Bend and other similar cables
  • The Ringer portion of the tool is located on the back of the handle and uses a spring steel cable holder to hold the cable in place. This holder also has a sliding metal tensioner to increase the force on the cable and help ensure the jacket is cut all the way through
  • Ringer can be used on 3/16" to 1/2" (4.7 mm-12.7 mm) diameter cables and cuts through plastic, rubber, or fabric insulation sheathing with 0.031” (0.787 mm) or 0.018" (0.457 mm) thickness
  • Includes one spare ringing and one spare slitting blade