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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

JAMESON | Flat Drop Fiber Driver | #18-FFP1

by Jameson
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The Jameson Fiber Driver revolutionizes final drop cable installations with its ergonomic design, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By eliminating laborious hand-over-hand processes, this tool introduces a stress-free installation method that not only minimizes cable buckling but also translates to significant time savings for fiber installation. The Drive and Idle wheels, optimized for .3” wide fiberglass-reinforced Flat Drop optical cable, are removable and serviceable. Weighing just 1.4 lbs, it reduces fatigue and injury risks, enabling direct reel installation in a fraction of the time compared to pull-lines or fish tapes


• Pushes flat-drop up to 300’+ in less than 10 minutes

• Enhances comfort and reduces fatigue by eliminating manual hand-over-hand fiber threading.

• Allows for the loading or unloading of fiber mid-span

• Small and lightweight, easily fit in any standard toolbox or tool bag

• Hand-held, single user operation

• Capable of pulling fiber from a supported spool while pushing into the respective duct

• Functions in forward and reverse

• Can be driven with any cordless drill

• Indoor or outdoor applications

Fiber Driver Datasheet