Insertion & Extraction Tool, Contact Size 20

Compatible with nearly all connectors conforming to M81969/1-02, this tool is perfect for inserting and extracting size 20 front release contacts made by most manufacturers. This insertion tool features the following:

  • Probes constructed from brass to prevent damage to contacts
  • Housing made from color-coded ABS: Red side is for insertion and white side is for extraction
  • For use on TE Connectivity Amplimite series HDP-20 plugs and pins, including the following:
    • 215712-1 Plug 15 POS Crimp Snap 
    • 215711-1 Plug 9 POS Crimp Snap 
    • 1218266-1 Pin 18 AWG Gold Crimp 
    • 194081-1 Pin 1.04 mm without Louver Band 
    • 205089-2 D-Sub Pin 20-24 AWG Crimp

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