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Cable Prep | GATOR Cable Conductor Cleaner | #GATOR

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Klein Tools | PART #GATOR


An essential cable preparation tool for preparing hardline cables after coring, the Gator tool bevels the center conductor to prevent the connector’s seizing mechanism from being damaged and scrapes away bonded dielectric to fully clean the center conductor. The Gator is used on any hardline cable after it has been stripped and cored to bevel and fully clean the center conductor.


An Integrated Beveller:
Burrs at the end of a center conductor can damage the seizing mechanism of a connector, resulting in signal loss. Using the Gator beveller to remove the burrs is far better than making pyramid cuts. Made of carbide and located on the side of the Gator body, the beveller is always sharp and convenient. Beveling prior to scraping also prolongs the life of the Gator teeth.

Long-lasting Reversible Teeth:
The Gator teeth remove all traces of the bonded dielectric without scoring the center conductor. Reversing the teeth exposes a second set of cleaning edges, which doubles the life of the scrapers. When both sides are worn, the teeth can be easily replaced.

An Ergonomic Body:
Made of durable plastic, the Gator body fits comfortably in either hand. The tool is easy to use and offers exceptional performance over a long life.