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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Fiber Wipes (Pkg. 5)

by Jonard
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Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5

Choose the Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5 for efficiently cleaning fiber optic cables and connectors. Whether you are supplying a new hire kit for your telecommunications business, or you need to upgrade your cleaning tools, these are a go-to. Opt for the ease and cleaning capacity these handy wipes offer.

Staying moist as a wet wipe is imperative in dry and arid climates, as well as hot and warm places. Buy these Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5 from Destiny Solutions to ensure optimal performance and prime condition. Learn more about the features of these fiber wipes to help make the most of your telecommunication’s business.

Features of Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5

The Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5 comes in an easy to carry package ready to toss right into your new hire kit or toolbox. Features include:

  • Thick, well labeled packaging reduces moisture loss
  • Uses industrial strength medical grade 91 percent isopropyl alcohol
  • Five (5) fiber wipes per package
  • Manufactured by Jonard Tools

Combat grease and residue on fiber cables, connectors, glass, and plastics, as well as metals, with these Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5. Along with cleaning optical surfaces and bare fiber, these fiber wipes use a nonabrasive solvent. Isopropyl alcohol is the industry choice for removing residue or grit from connector ends, bare fiber, and optical surfaces.

Buy Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 5) FW-5 Today

At Destiny Solutions in Georgetown, IN, our Fiber Wipes are a top-of-the-line product for the telecommunications industry. We back all of our products with an industry guarantee and ensure you the utmost in customer service. Purchase these Fiber Wipers today and receive an economical solution to your crew’s cleaning tools. Contact us by leaving a message or calling us at (812) 501-5043.