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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Antistatic Desolder Pump

by Jonard
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$29.95 - $29.95
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ESD Safe Desolder Pump

Fitted with an ESD safe Teflon tip and 13" long ESD safe housing, the DP-200 ESD Safe Desolder Pump provides high-vacuum suction to remove solder with high precision. This desolder pump also features the following:

  • ESD Safe construction prevents electrostatic discharge from occurring
  • Durable plastic housing and plated springs provide excellent corrosion resistance
  • Precision metal plunger and insulated vacuum pulse remove solder with ease
  • 1 ms (± 30%) regulated return and uniform reset pressure (11 in-lb ± 20%) provide consistent repeatable operation
  • Cushioned shock reduction minimizes board damage when solder is removed
  • Shorter length makes it easier to use and store