Strip Tool

(Cable type: 7 & 11 (.250 )
Cable Prep's CPT-1100 7 & 11 Cable Stripper is factory calibrated to remove just the right amount of cable jacket and cut back the braid and dielectric to the proper dimensions on braided and braid replacement drop cables. The stripper prepares cables quickly and easily because the jacket, braid and dielectric are cut with one simple motion. The tool features hardened steel blades that ensure optimum performance and long life. Each blade cartridge can prepare 2,500 to 5,000 cables depending on braid coverage. It also features a patented cleanout feature that automatically removes access jacket, braid and dielectric from the tool after stripping.

• 3 Operations in one step
• Hardened tool-steel blades
• Factory calibrated strip-back dimensions
• Comfortable and easy to operate
• Automatic cleanout feature

• Cable Type: 7 & 11
• Braid Exposure: 0.25"
• Center Conductor Exposure: 0.25"

Replacement Blade: RBC-1100

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