Ninja Fusion Splicer Kit with 10mm Fiber Clamps [NJ001-3-EX-10-V1]



Extended Kit with 10mm Fiber Clamps (includes cleaver and stripper)

Package Includes:
* NJ001-3 Splicer Main Body w/ Heater
* HCC-09 Hard Carrying Case 
* S712S-900 900um Fiber Holders (pair)
* S712S-250 900um Fiber Holders (pair)
* S978A AC Adapter and cord
* ELR-01 Spare Electrodes (1 pair)
* D5111 Electrode Cleaning Disk
* V-Groove Cleaning Brush
* Manual
* FPF-01 Fiber Prep Fluid
* FW-01 Fiber Wipes
* S211B-Fiber Optic Stripper

S326A Hand-Held Precision Cleaver

The S326 cleaver offers the versatility to cleave on a workbench or in the palm of the operator's hand. With 24 positions, the S326 cleaver offers optical fiber cleaving for a full range of OSP and OEM applications. The S326A configuration comes with both the regular and large size fiber waste bin or users can choose the smaller S326B option without a bin.  Call for modifications.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Easy fiber loading
  • Durable and reliable design • Wide lid opening
  • Long blade life 
  • Lightweight 
  • High capacity waste bin 

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