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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

ARMADA | Digital Cable Locator w/Clamp | #PRO881

by Armada
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The Pro881 Underground Cable Locator is an easy, fast operating digital locator designed to get the job done quickly and accurately.  Minimal settings make the Pro881 a great choice for new or seasoned maintenance staff.  Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro881 tracks many types of cabling, including irrigation, CATV, electrical, telephone, and lighting.  Simply connect the transmitter to ground and the wire to be tracked and turn it on.  Follow the beeps with the receiver using the visual LEDs, external speaker, or headset.

The Pro881 uses the IC4 inductive clamp, injecting a 175KhZ tracing signal onto energized or de-energized cabling while the digital filters remove signals that are not desired.  Inductive locating allows non-contact connection of tracing signal, avoiding dangerous electrical voltages or expensive sub-contractor fees.


  • Simple, Uncomplicated Operation
  • Faster Locates
  • Digital Design for AC Interference Free Locating
  • Inductive Clamp Non-Connective Locating
  • Two Direct Connection Frequencies (2 kHz, 33 kHz)
  • Selectable Null or Peak Reception for Pinpointing
  • Low Battery Indicator

Tracking Range Depth:

    • Up to 8 feet Distance: 5,000 feet with direct connection
    • Distance: Unlimited with broadcast mode and leapfrogging

Tracking Signals:

    • Frequency One: 2 kHz direct connect
    • Frequency Two: 33 kHz direct connect

Become a PRO with the Pro881 Digital Cable Locator! Take advantage of Armadas free training. Let us know your interested in this complementary service, and we will set you up with the trainer.


      • Stereo Headset
      • Slim, Custom-Molded Steel Spine Case
      • Clamp
      • Free Training
      • 1 Year MFG. Warranty

      Digital Cable Locator Datasheet