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ARMADA | Complete Underground Cable Locator w/Inductive Clamp | #PRO871C

by Armada
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When it comes to managing underground wire and cable, there is a demand for underground cable locators. Consider yourself supplied with the Armada Pro871C in your toolbox. This is a necessary tool kit for several industries.

Are you employed in a maintenance job that requires you to maintain the exterior illumination? Armada’s Underground Cable Locator with Inductive Clamp is an affordable yet durable choice for an underground locator. Everything you need to do locating for landscape lighting is included in the kit.

You can use this underground cable locator with clamps to manage various types of cabling. This is ideal for someone working in CATV installation or repairs. Electricians and those training to become an electrician should understand how to operate the underground cable locator tool. Telephone line installers and maintenance crews are utilizing this for null or peak reception modes.

Armada Pro871C Underground Cable Locator with Clamp Kit Includes

The Armada Pro871C Underground Cable Locator with Clamp features five tracking modes two direct connect, two inductive, and one passive mode. The locator tool features a dual-frequency transmitter coupled with a receiver that is battery-operated. Using the included alligator clip cord set or the two wireless inductive modes, set the underground cable locator up to run quite easily. For the Pro871C model, a new IC4 inductive clamp is included to provide a non-metallic inductive connection.

All you need to do is attach the transmitter to the wire with the alligator clips. Right away, you can easily hear an audible beeping sound indicating the location of the underground cable. This makes your job easy and safe while maintaining compliance with your crew.

  • Dual Direct Connect Frequency Transmitter (2Khz and 33Khz)
  • Two Additional Inductive Modes: Built-in Inductive Antenna or Inductive Clamp
  • Passive 50/60Hz Tracing Mode
  • Audible (speaker or headset, both with volume control) or visual reception methods
  • Low Battery Lights on Wand and Transmitter
  • Null or Peak Reception Modes
  • Inductive clamp option (standard on the Pro871C)
  • An extremely light receiver wand (just 3 lbs.)

Underground Cable Locator Datasheet


  • Transmitter battery – (8) common D cell, up to 50 hours of useful life
  • Receiver battery – (1) common 9V square, up to 15 hours of useful life
  • Reception depth – Up to 8 feet deep
  • Reception length – Up to 4000 feet in length
  • Transmitter frequency – 2Khz and 33Khz Direct, 175Khz Inductive
  • Passive Mode – 50/60Hz
  • Transmitter power – 200mW into 1K Ohm
  • Voltage protection – 110VAC/200VDC
  • Warranty – 12 months from the date of purchase