Armada Pro300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator




  • Output Frequency – 2Khz
  • Output Power – 350Vac P-P
  • Transmitter Power – 8 C Type Batteries
  • Receiver Power – 1 9v Square Battery
  • Distance – Up to 500 feet
  • Depth – Up to 4 feet


Prepare for your career as a contractor with our professional Residential Wire and Valve Locator kit. Everything you need with Armada’s Pro300™ is readily available for your contractor job tasks. Ideally constructed for the rigors of the workforce, whether you are a home enthusiast or a commercial contractor.

Update your existing wire and valve locator set with Pro300™ Wire and Valve Locator. Whether you currently have a Pro700™ or Pro800D™ model, the Pro300™ is smaller and easier to store for traveling contractors. This is a great addition to your Residential Wire and Valve Locator tools, giving you the supplies that you need for optimal performance in the field.

What Comes in the Pro300™ Wire and Valve Locator by Armada?

The Pro300™ Wire and Valve Locator by Armada is set up for peak performance. Here you have the perfect solution for working with smaller wired systems. Utilize this kit for maintaining residential sprinkler systems and dealing with underground wires and cables. Ideally made for shorter distances in installing and repairing sprinkler systems. The Pro300™ Wire and Valve Locator provides a distance of up to 500 feet and a depth of 4 feet maximum.

Output frequency for Pro300™ is 2Khz and the output power is 350Vac P-P. Battery power is optimized for the Pro300™ by Armada. As a result, all you need to power up this Residential Wire and Valve Locator are eight C-type batteries for transmission power and one 9-volt square battery for receiver power.

Why Choose the Armada Pro300™ Residential Wire and Valve Locator?

The primary benefit of using the Pro300™ Wire and Valve Locator is to manage residential sprinkler systems for shorter to medium ranges. Use this system to supplement other longer ranged Residential Wire and Valve Locator kits in your toolbox.

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