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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

BONE SAFETY | 28" Traffic Cone with Reflective Collars | #BONECONE2807

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Original price
$23.40 - $23.40
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The thin body profile of these cones allows for easier handling and storage. These injection-molded traffic cones can stand up to any weather and are great for high-wind conditions. An indented handle at the top allows for the cones to easily be picked up and stacked. Slim Body Cones are available with and without collars Penetrate night and day with high visibility under all weather conditions. From parking lots to interstate highways, these rugged cones radiate brilliant fluorescent pigmentation protecting both workers and motorists.

The cones are manufactured via PVC injection-molded using ABS plastics and UV stabilizers to deter fading. 

All Cones come with Reflective cone collars are available in a 6" / 4" combination. We use top quality collars manufactured by 3M