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ARMADA | Advanced Tone and Probe Kit | #PRO220K

by Armada
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Set yourself up for success as a contractor with the inclusion of the Armada Pro220K Tone and Probe Kit. Have the equipment you need to identify termination points for any wire. The tool is designed to pinpoint where wires and cables terminate. This helps when setting up new installations for wiring projects, and for maintaining existing wires and cables.

Advanced Tone & Probe Kit Datasheet

Complete Set for the Pro220K Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe Kit

The Armada Pro220K Tone and Probe Kit comes fully equipped with a convenient to access storage pouch. You also get an LED headlight to be able to see in dark areas when working and testing using the Pro220K. Use the modular phone connector plus alligator clips to clamp the probes into position for testing. This eliminates unwanted AC BG noise from interfering with the process.

The Pro220K works on efficient AA Battery Power to power up the Pro220K for up to 250 solid hours of peak performance. Make your life easier when dealing with backup power supplies for your business thanks to the use of easy to find and replace AA batteries. The Pro220K also comes equipped with an AC Noise Rejection Filter. This helps to take out any of the humming or buzzing sounds from electrical sources.

Your new Armada Pro220K Tone and Probe Kit will also come with a precision tip made out of plastic and metal. This combination is highly prized for its durability in protecting sensitive hardware, while maximizing the response received from the tool.

How the Pro220K Tone and Probe Kit Works

The Pro220K Tone and Probe Kit works by operating with a Model Pro110 tone generator and a Model Pro210F Advanced Filter Tone Probe. Together, these two tools are responsible for sending and receiving signals needed for identifying the termination point in a wire.