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TEMPO | Telephone Test Set | #TM900

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Whether installing, servicing, or maintaining voice service and data on copper lines, you’ll want the newest member of the Nautilus telephone test set family at your side. The TM900 offers a new LCD screen display showing “caller ID” and related features, plus a comprehensive phone book including ten number “last number redial”, direct display of line voltage, loop current, ringing frequency, and the ability to receive DTMF strings. All while still offering protection of digital traffic and hands-free speakerphone functionality, plus much more. With this innovative design, Tempo continues investment in “butt-in” test set technology, setting new, unmatched standards in both quality and customer satisfaction.

The TM900 butt set gives meaning to the term “weatherproof”: This award-winning, waterproof case design allows technicians to operate with confidence in even the most extreme weather conditions. Other key advancements include digital service and high-voltage alarm, and a quick-release, non-metallic belt clip composed of glass-filled nylon. This combination of rugged technology enables Tempo to offer the best warranty in the industry – 3 years.

• Award Winning Waterproof Design
• Works dial tone on DSL lines
• High voltage protection with alarm
• Safe around digital services
• Caller ID & Call Waiting tests
• DTMF receive
• Pair ID tone generator
• Duplex Hands-Free “speakerphone”
• Dead pair intercom modes
• Display of polarity, voltage, current, and ringing frequency


    Designed for comfortable shoulder placement. Operate in either hand, clip onto the belt, or use hands-free.

    Rugged & Weather Resistant
    IP67 is water and dust resistant. Tough enough to withstand the working environment.

    Immediate access to caller ID and memories, measurement of on-hook voltage, off-hook current, and ringing frequency.

    DTMF Digit Recognition
    Ensures auto-dialing to the correct number. DTMF power is indicated in dBm to ensure that line conditions are good.

    DSL Filter
    High impedance design ensures maximum digital line compatibility in both monitor and talk modes.

    Detect and protect digital services and warns the user and protects itself from high voltages and currents.

    Allows alerting over a “dead” pair of wires. When a call is requested from one unit, the other unit wakes up, validates the request, and acknowledges it with a unique tone.

    Talk over a “dead” pair of wires.

    A built-in pair tracing toner is provided. The frequencies chosen are optimized for use with Tempo probes, or any other probe that works in the telephone audio frequency range.

    Handsfree & Loudspeaker
    Convenient duplex speaker phone function plus loudspeaker monitoring.

    Photo-Luminescent Keymat
    Advanced silicone rubber keypad glows after exposure to light, aiding operation in low light conditions.

    Three-year Nautilus™ family limited warranty.


      Attribute Name Attribute Value
      Telephone Compatibility** TIA / EIA-470-B and ETSI
      Loop Limits (at 48 V) Resistance: >5 kΩ Minimum Current: <10 mA
      DC Resistance Off Hook: <300Ω Off Hook: <300Ω On Hook: >10 MΩ
      Monitor Impedance >400 kΩ
      Pulse Dialing** Rate: 10 pps or 20 pps Break: 60% or 66% Inter-Digit Pause: 800 ms (leakage during break >1 M)
      DTMF/Tone Dialing** -4 dBm / -6 dBm (ANSI); -9 dBm / -11 dBm (ETSI)
      FSK Caller Name/Number (CID) and Call Waiting (CIDCW) Bellcore GR-30-CORE TR-NWT-000030 ETSI FSK Types
      LCD 96 x 48 pixels, 5 lines. Displays the following: Caller ID (name and number) and Call Waiting Dialed Number Over-voltage Conditions Phone Status (monitor, on hook, etc.) Line Voltage: 110 Vdc max Loop Current: 125 mA max Ring Frequency: 15–70 Hz
      Memory Dialing: 10 Memories 10 LNR each holding 30 digits including pauses
      Flash/Timed Break Recall** 100 ms 270 ms 600 ms
      Line Protection Over-voltage: 360 Vdc Continuous >500 V Peak Current Limited: 125 mA Lightning: ITU K.17, 20, 21 (1500 V)
      Intercom Range 6 km
      Toner Output 7 V pk-pk (square wave), two warble rates
      Battery Life 1 x 9V. Alkaline recommended. Will last 6 months with typical use.
      Humidity Operating: Up to 90% Storage: Up to 95%
      Operating Temperature 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) LCD, -29°F to 140°F (-34°C to 60°C)
      Storage Temperature -58°F to 167°F (-50°C to 75°C)