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TEMPO | Opti-Clean Reel Cleaner | #REEL-CLN

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The Opti-Clean reel cleaner is an essential tool to clean fiber optic connectors. It is the best dry method for cleaning fiber optic termini such as SC, LC, FC, ST, E2000 and other common connectors. The entire ferrule end face is cleaned which ensures that the possibility of contamination migration is reduced.

Replacement spools are available when the original spool is depleted.


  • Lint free cleaning tape
  • Antistatic design
  • Effective and efficient ferrule end face cleaning
  • Cleans the entire ferrule end face
  • Easy to replace fiber spools available


Attribute Name Attribute Value
Cleaning Count (Opti-Clean Reel Cleaner & Replacement Spool) >600 Times
Reel Cleaner Size 130 x 88 x 32mm
Replacement Spool Size 104 x 60 x 30mm
Reel Cleaner Weight 0.14kg
Replacement Spool Weight 0.08kg


Opti-Clean Reel Cleaner Datasheet