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TEMPO | Sidekick Plus Copper and DSL Bonded Modem Test Set | #1155-5012

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Support your customers DSL broadband internet service and ensure reliable connectivity today with the this premium product by Tempo Communications. The SideKick® - the go-to solution for deploying and maintaining DSL networks.

The 1155-5012 Sidekick Plus Pair Bonded Modem Test Set helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot problems with twisted pair cable. Easily install, qualify, and maintain DSL services. The Broadcom bonded and single ADSL/VDSL vectoring modem enables rapid installation without reboots.

This product is formally known as the SIDEKICK PLUS, WIDEBAND & BONDED, LCC by Greenlee


  • Saves time. Easy-to-use mode selection dial and operation - minimizes training needs and saves time on the job.
  • Versatile. Combines your copper qualification needs with DSL sync and service testing in one test set.
  • Fully loaded. The Sidekick® Plus xDSL comes complete with all you need to perform tests on the copper networks that support DSL services.
  • No modules needed – Advanced cable diagnosis and troubleshooting in a single test set
  • Advanced Dual Trace Pulse TDR (Zero Dead Zone)
  • Resistive Fault Locator (Detects up to 20MΩ)
  • 1GΩ Leakage Test (Insulation Resistance)
  • Longitudinal Balance Test
  • Ground Resistance Test
  • Quite Line Noise (QLN) Test
  • Stress Test
  • AC/DC Voltage
  • Resistance
  • Open Meter
  • Loop Current
  • Circuit Loss
  • Tracing Tone Generator
  • Reference Tone
  • Quality tool manufactured by Tempo Communications.


1155-5012 Sidekick Datasheet

SideKick Plus User Manual

SideKick Plus User Manual Spanish



Attribute Name Attribute Value
AC Voltage 250V
Application Install, qualify, and troubleshoot bonded xDSL networks
Circuit Loss -70 to +3dBm
Circuit Noise 0 to 90 dBrnC
DC Voltage 300V
Dimensions 279 x 121 x 76 mm (11 x 4.75 x 3 in); 305 x 140 x 114 mm (12 x 5.5 x 4.5 in) (in soft case)
Leakage 1 GΩ at 150V
Length 0 to 5,000 nF (5 µF)
Loop Current 110 mA
Power Li-ion battery
Power Influence 30 - 100 dBrnC (-60 to +20 dBm)
Replacement Part Accessories - cord sets, carry case, PSU, in-vehicle charger 12 V lead
Resistance 100MΩ
Storage Operating Temperature Operates at 0 to 120° F (-18 to 50°C)
Stress Test 0 to 82 dBrnC
Type Telecommunications test equipment
Voltage Measurement TNV-3
Weight 1.8 kg (4 lbs) (includes Li-ion battery pack, soft case, and test leads)