Louisville Ladder [FE3228-E03] 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder V-Rung Pole Grip & Strand/Cable Hooks



Louisville Ladder FE3228-E03 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder V-Rung Pole Grip & Strand/Cable Hooks

Upgrade your team’s safety equipment with the 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder w/ V-Rung Pole Grip & Strand/Cable Hooks, TYPE IA, 300 lb. [FE3228-E03] sold online at Destiny Solutions. We want to ensure your company workers are safe when climbing up heights for telecom jobs. Here is a safety ladder that is lightweight yet very safe and durable.

Get on to those hard-to-reach spaces with the 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder available for sale by Destiny Solutions. Whether you need one ladder or a dozen ladders for new hire kits, we have everything your company is shopping for in telecom equipment.

Features of the 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder

The 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder is a commercial safety ladder that comes with a variety of features. These features include:

  • Load capacity 300 pounds
  • Type IA duty rating
  • MAX LOCK and Quicklatch Runglock system
  • Rail end caps are resistant to marring
  • Steel swivel safety shoe
  • Metal shields guard rungs
  • Supported by a direct rung-to-rail connection
  • D-shaped rungs
  • OSHA certified

This 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder is also 28 feet when extended, making it one of the longer ladders for commercial use. Safely extend this ladder knowing your technicians can climb without concern.

Buy the 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder Today

At Destiny Solutions, our 28’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder is a top-of-the-line product for the telecommunications industry. We back all of our products with an industry guarantee and ensure you the utmost in customer service. Purchase this 28’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder today. Contact us by leaving a message or calling us at (812) 501-5043.

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