NanoFlow Fiber Blowing Machine



Fiber blowing machine offers extreme portability & cable protection. Battery powered for convenience. The NanoFlow Fiber Blowing Machine is for FTTH fibers (EPFU) and cables. Efficient and automatic FTTH installation.

Easy one-person set-up and operation. Six adjustable speed and torque settings. Advanced fiber protection technology stops installation to prevent fiber damage. Drive wheels interrupt fiber installation due to incorrect torque selection. Also stops automatically if installation exceeds preset torque load on fiber.

The machine is designed to allow efficient one-person FTTH installation. Once fiber reaches the customer, the system immediately stops installation without damage to fiber.

NanoFlow Machine, 2-Way Air Valve with CEJN Air Coupling, Adapter Plates for 2.2-2.3mm & 3.0-3.1 mm Fiber, Duct Adapters for 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5 & 10.0 mm Duct O.D., Two 24V/2.0Ah, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Battery Charger (110/230VAC), and Storage Case

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