GMP J2 Cable Lasher with Chest & Bridle [GMP86070]



GMP J2 Cable Lasher with Chest and Bridle

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Upgrade your new hire kit with cable lasher accessories, starting with the GMP J2 Cable Lasher with Chest & Bridle. This is a fully equipped lasher that can be factory modified to better equip the lasher for larger accommodations of up to ½ inch (12.7 mm) sized suspension strand. This cable lasher is also suitable for working with the Lasher Guard “Halo” and the Cable Lasher Parallel Pull Accessory P/N 70467. The combination of these cable supports is highly suitable for any telecommunications repair or cable repair job site. Provide your crew with new cable lasher equipment this year for optimal safety and performance in the workplace.

When working in the field with a heavy-duty single aerial cable or multiple cables on a single strand, you need a GMP J2 Cable Lasher with Chest and Bridle. The J2 Cable Lasher is a hard-working unit that is ready to maximize workplace efficiency while ensuring optimal safety. This device is designed for one or more aerial cables that measure up to 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter. The cable lasher works on suspension strands measuring ¼-inch (6 mm) to 7/16-inches (11mm). This is a maximized length to increase the ability for this cable lasher to perform at peak strength.

The lasher is constructed to hold up to 1200 feet of coil measuring .045 inches, which is equal to 365 mm of 1.1 mm wide wire. The GMP J2 Cable Lasher with Chest & Bridle also features a gate and the lashing wire is fully recessed for increased safety. The rotating drum inside the carriage is ideally suited for managing cable lifters, strand rollers, and current cable. The fast setup and quick loading of the coal make for a smooth transfer.


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