Digital, Inductive, Exceptional 

The Pro900™ Digital Underground Cable Locator is the #1 locator at Armada and is a full-featured digital underground locator for contractors and maintenance personnel.

Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro900™ tracks metallic cabling, including CATV, electrical, telephone, sprinkler, and lighting. The Pro900™ transmits solid or intermittent signals that are easy to follow. The digital signal reception allows for crystal clear tone reception in most situations with either null or peak reception and features a KOSS stereo headset.

Tracking Range

  • Depth: 8 feet
  • Distance: 5,000 feet with direct connection
  • Distance: Unlimited with broadcast mode and leapfrogging

Tracking Signals:

  • Frequency One: 2 kHz direct connect
  • Frequency Two: 33 kHz direct connect
  • Frequency Three: 175 kHz via clamp or internal broadcast antenna

Signal Output

  • 900 V peak with no load
  • 1 W maximum

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