Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR



Need to restock your new hire kits with some of the latest telecom equipment and supplies? Start right here with the Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR, the newest in gadgets and handheld instruments. This OTDR is easy to use and very lightweight at less than half a pound. Find out what it means to be fast and accurate with this portable OTDR for FTTx networks.

Features of the Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR

The Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR is a handheld optical meter tester. This multifunction device works for laser, OPM and VFL. See more features of the Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR to decide if this is the best tool for your company:

  • 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen panel
  • Easy to read in even low light conditions or in high light
  • Generate results fast and in less than five seconds
  • Works as a dual-wavelength tester
  • Super stable in work kits and on the road
  • The meter can operate for four consecutive hours
  • 16 GB storage for data
  • Supports more than 160,000 OTDR traces

This unit will give you all the support your telecom workers need out there in the field and on jobs.

Buy the Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR Today

At Destiny Solutions, our Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR is a top-of-the-line product for the telecommunications industry. We back all of our products with an industry guarantee and ensure you the utmost in customer service. Purchase this Deviser AE1001 Portable OTDR today. Contact us by leaving a message or calling us at (812) 501-5043.

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