Reusable Shoe Covers | Non-Slip, Anti-Static

Size: Small


Our custom-made ecofriendly shoe covers come with a 12-month warranty. That’s because we make the best reusable shoe cover in our industry. Our largest MSO’s claim they save $300 per tech by using our reusable shoe covers!

Quality and safety are highly focused on. These unique shoe covers feature a non-slip sole that are ideal for smooth surfaces. These are made up of anti-static material also making them ideal for carpet surfaces. This product is durable, easy to keep clean and is machine washable.

Available in classic black for a sleek appearance ready for any professional setting. Upon request, we can customize this product with a corporate logo.

Sizing Chart:

S - Fits Shoe Size 5 TO 8
M - Fits Shoe Size 8 TO 11
L - Fits Shoe Size 11 TO 15
XL - Fits Shoe Size 15 TO 18

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