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WBK-100 - Electrical Panel Knockout Kit

by Jonard
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The Jonard Tools WBK-100 Electrical Panel Knockout Kit is designed to open knockouts from electrical panels without damaging the panel or cutting holes in the drywall quickly and easily. This knockout kit features the following:

  • Includes (1) panel buddy and (1) modified screwdriver
  • Easily opens knockouts in electrical panels and prevents damage to the panel or drywall
  • Modified screwdriver has a bent shaft to make it easy to reach the knockout by maneuvering the screwdriver
  • Panel buddy securely fits on the edge of the panel and has a hole for the modified screwdriver to go through, which increases leverage when pushing out the knockout and protects the drywall surface from rubbing against the screwdriver
  • Perfect tool kit for electrical, security, alarm, and datacom panels
  • Lifetime warranty and patent-pending design

Warning: Do not use kit near live circuits. Intended for use by licensed professionals.

Part #WBK-100