TWAS-71630 - F Connector Torque Wrench, Speed Head 7/16", 30 in-lb



Designed for 7/16" F connectors, this speed head torque wrench skips over the corners of nuts and bolts so no repositioning of the tool is required. This torque wrench features the following:

  • Provides a snug fit when used on 7/16" F Connectors
  • Acts like a ratcheting wrench to allow continuous turning of nuts and bolts
  • Ergonomically designed with an angled head and cushioned grip for maximum leverage and comfort
  • Calibrated to 30 in-lb (3.39 N-m) to consistently meet most manufacturers' recommended torque requirements for their F connectors
  • Audible click indicates when the connector is fully torqued to 30 in-lb
  • Made of high carbon steel with a black oxide finish for maximum durability
  • Lifetime Warranty

PART #TWAS-71630

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