TM-700 - Test Set



Butt Set TeleMate 700

  • LCD (96 x 48 pixels, 5 lines) displays the following: Caller ID (name and number) and Call Waiting
  • Dialed number
  • Over-voltage conditions
  • Phone status (monitor, on-hook, etc.)
  • Line Voltage: 110 Vdc max
  • Loop Current: 125 mA max
  • Ring Frequency: 15–70 Hz. High impedance monitor enablesuse on DSL line.
  • Ergonomic shape.
  • 32 digit memories.
  • 10 x speed dial memories plus ten "last number redial" stores.
  • Over voltage and over current protection and warning.
  • Tone and pulse dialling for versatility.
  • Flash key for timed-break recall.
  • Pause which can be stored.
  • Headset included for hands-free operation (HS-001).
  • RJ11 socked and anchorage for strain relieved cords.
  • Several cord options CS-01, CS-02, CS-03, CS-04, CS-05, CS-06, CS-07.
  • Cordset with large "angled nose with bed-of-nails and spike" plus RJ11 plug.

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