TK-AT5 - Alignment Tool 5-Piece Kit



This 5-piece Pocket Alignment Tool Kit contains a selection of the most popular non-conductive tools for aligning and adjusting components.

Kit includes (1) each of the following:

  • AT-3112 Spudger - Designed with a tapered point on one end and a screwdriver-like tip on the other, these spudgers are perfect for guiding, probing, or separating wire bundles and fine computer wire terminals without damaging them.
  • AT-3767 Trimpot - Designed with a 0.050" hex key on one end and a 3/32" long screwdriver-like tip on the other, these trimpots are perfect for adjusting, calibrating, and fine-tuning electronic circuitry.
  • AT-6241 Alignment Tool - Designed with 1/4" and 5/32" flatheads on either end, these alignment tools are perfect for aligning or removing most variable capacitors, coils, and resistors without damaging them.
  • S-389 Orange Stick - Designed with a tapered point on one end and a screwdriver-like tip on the other, these orange sticks are perfect for cleaning electrical components and separating contact points, fine wires, and other delicate components.
  • JIC-22035 Probe Pick - Designed with an L-shaped wire hook extension on one end and a 3/16" wide flat notched end on the other, this probe pick is perfect for guiding, probing, separating, and removing wire and insulation debris from network punch-down panels and jacks.

This alignment tool kit is ideal for customers that want to align tools using a spudger, trimpot, alignment tool, orange stick, or probe pick.


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