Jonard Advanced Fiber Prep Kit

BTR-6 Buffer Tube Ringer (up to 6 mm)
CSR-1575 Cable Slit & Ring Tool
CST-1900 Round Cable Strip & Ring Tool
JIC-1022 Wire Stripper 10-22 AWG
JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears
JIC-2288 High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 8"
JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper, Three Hole
JIC-842 Long Nose and Side Cutting Pliers
KN-7 Ergonomic Cable Splicing Knife
MDC-14 Microduct Tube Cutter
MDC-28 Microduct Cutter
MS-306 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (1.2 mm-3.3 mm)
MS-316 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (2.9 mm-6.8 mm)
MS-326 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (5 mm-10 mm)
MS-426 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (5.8 mm-12 mm)
SD-61 6-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver with Phillips and…
FL-2000 LED Flashlight with Zoom Lens
H-90 Rugged 21 Pocket Tool Case
JIC-22035 Insulated Probe Pick

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