UCL Swift R5 All-In-One Mass Ribbon Fusion Splicer



UCL Swift R5 All-In-One Mass Ribbon Fusion Splicer

R5 All In One Ribbon Fusion Splicer Main Body with Thermal Stripper, Cleaning Station, Cleaver, and Heating Chamber.

Swift R5 mass fusion splicer is a versatile all-in-one clad alignment platform that can splice 2, 4, 8, or 12 count ribbon fiber, as well as single fiber SM or MM, and splice-on–connectors. The built-in thermal stripper, cleaner, cleaver, splicer, and heater make the Swift R5 the most versatile and highest value fusion machine.

*One set (2) of batteries.
*H7-12-10 set (2) fiber ribbon holders.
*Spare Electrodes

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