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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

SSK-750 - Star Key Can Wrench Kit for LC & LG Patterns

by Jonard
Original price $22.68 - Original price $22.68
Original price
$22.68 - $22.68
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With two 7/16” hex sockets and included LC & LG Slam Key, this kit is the perfect tool for opening LC & LG outdoor pedestals. This kit features the following:

  • Includes: 7/16” Star Key Can Wrench (SSK-716) & Slam Lock Star Key for LC & LG Pedestal Locks (SSK-75)
  • Compatible with all our SSK star keys (SSK-70 to SSK-90) and our SSK P Key Insert (SSK-90)
  • SSK-716 has two 7/16” hex sockets, 1 1/2” deep on either end, which can be used to open enclosures that require a 7/16” socket

For authorized personnel only.