SA-91-E - Fume Absorber with Arm, 115V, ESD Safe



Specially designed to accommodate small or limited workspaces where air purification is needed, this fume absorber is perfect for extracting irritating soldering fumes away from the work area. This fume absorber features the following:

  • ESD safe housing dissipates static for ESD-safe fume extraction
  • 24" (60.7 cm) long pivoting arm makes it easy to optimize the position of the fume absorber without taking up much space
  • Aerodynamically designed hood and 3000 RPM motor quietly and efficiently remove soldering smoke and fumes
  • Thick carbon filters remove up to 80% of the odors from the air
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and replaceable carbon filters make this absorber last a lifetime
  • Includes: Bench Mounting Clamp and (3) carbon filters (SAF-1)


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