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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Fitel Ribbon Fusion Splicer Kit [S124M12-KIT]

by Fitel
Original price $13,780.00 - Original price $13,780.00
Original price
$13,780.00 - $13,780.00
Current price $13,780.00

S124M12-KIT - Ribbon Fusion Splicer Kit 

Data Sheet

  • S124M12 Splicer Body (FVG-12-P250 is installed)
  • HCC-11 Hard Carrying Case
  • S218R-200 Thermal Stripper
  • S326R One-Action Precision Cleaver for Ribbon fiber
  • S712A-12e 12-Ribbon Fiber Holders (pair)
  • CTX-03 Cooling Tray
  • 947B Li-ion Battery
  • S979A AC Adapter for S124M12
  • ELR-01 Spare Electrodes
  • D5111 Electrode Cleaning Disk
  • FPF-01 Fiber Preparation Fluid
  • FW-01 Fiber Wipes
  • VGC-01 V-Groove Cleaning Brush

The powerful FITEL S124M12 Hand-Held Ribbon Fusion Splicer delivers fast and reliable optical splicing for both 200 and 250 µm pitched ribbon fiber even under rigorous environmental conditions. 

Features and Benefits

• Easily exchangeable fiber guide V-grooves

• Up to 12-fiber ribbon splicing

• 15-second-high speed splicing operation

• Applicable for both 250 µm and 200 µm pitch ribbon fiber

• Simple operation with touch panel and GUI

• 3 Bright LED’s to illuminate the operation area

• Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone data management and control