Cable 715 QR) Each SCT-QR package contains two integral parts, a stripping/coring tool, and a jacket stripping tool. The longer-bodied piece labeled SCT-QR-A, cores the dielectric and strips and bevels the jacketed aluminum. The piece labeled SCT-QR-B supports the outer conductor (aluminum sheath) while stripping the jacket. Both parts have internal stops set to the required dimensions for preparing the cables. The two housings can be threaded together and assembled as one unit. This keeps the pieces as a set while not in use and protects the interior parts from damage. The tool bodies are anodized and sealed, thereby protecting the aluminum from the elements. Cable Prep SCT-QR tools can be operated manually with a standard or ratchet handle, or they can be used, without an adapter, on a 3/8-inch variable speed drill.

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