Ripley's Quick Change Coring and Stripping Tool [QCST-625T]



The QCST625T conveniently attaches the jacket stripper body (QJST) to the main body of the coring and stripping tool by means of a "quick-change" rotating body ring. Ripley's Quick Change Coring and Stripping tool, you can accurately strip the jacket, core out the dielectric, strip and bevel the aluminum sheath, all in one! Use this trunk tool on Times Fiber TX and CommScope P3 cables. The QJST color-coded jacket stripping body is removed and used in a 2 step operation when using flooded cables.

• All-In-One Jacket stripping body (QJST), when used separately to remove the jacket on flooded cable, is uniquely designed to automatically provide 3.50 inch (88.9mm) of jacket removal when rotated to the end of the body

• Jacket stripper body and coring/stripping tool guide sleeve are all color-coded for easy cable identification Pre-set jacket blade assures no scoring or nicking of aluminum sheath Chamfered strip stop is factory installed 

• Rugged, durable, all-metal construction

• Heat treated sheath cutting blade produces a smooth beveled edge and can be replaced without the expense of replacing the entire coring bit

• Spiral-fluted, heat-treated steel bit Use of CC-100 or CC-200 Center Conductor Cleaner/Scraper removes residual dielectric which remains on the conductor after coring and stripping 

• Weight: 1 lb 4 oz.

Made in the U.S.A 

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