PTNX8-CABLE - Pocket Toner Kit (Coax)



The Pocket Toner® connects to any voice, data, or video cable to detect open/short circuits, continuity, AC/DC voltage* and dial tone* all while protecting up to 52 volts.

The Fluke Networks PTNX8-CABLE Pocket Toner® Cable Kit is the ideal primary device for testing the installation of coax cable. PTNX8-CABLE Kit will test continuity, shorts, 50-75 meg termination and polarity on up to eight cables at once plus test for the presence of AC and DC voltages from 6V-48V. This Cable Toner Kit includes the NX8 Pocket Toner®, 8 ID caps, alligator clips adapter, F-type couplers and adapters, AAA battery and case with belt clip.

• Low-voltage circuit protection for both the unit as well as the detachable toner
• Dual audible indicators in the main body and detachable buzzer toner units
• Removable push on connectors
• Auto shut-off
• Easy-to-read indicators
• Male and female adaptable toner section
• Removable push-on connector
• Lightweight, durable anodized aluminum body

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