P2426-5INS - Insulated Wire Wrapping Sleeve, 24-26 AWG, 5"



Fully compatible with any make or model of wire wrapping tools, this 5" wire wrapping sleeve is perfect for wrapping 24-26 AWG wire around binding posts when used in conjunction with the appropriate wire wrapping bit and wire wrapping tool. This sleeve features the following:

  • 5" (12.7 cm) length ensures "true" connections in hard-to-reach locations
  • Insulated sleeve prevents shorting between the pins of main distributing frames and other equipment
  • Color-coded blue for easy identification
  • For maximum protection, use with our G100/R3278INS Insulated Wire Wrapping Tool

Compatible Wrap Bit Part #'s: KB24-5, KB26-5

PART #P2426-5INS

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