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Viavi Refurbished ONX-220 PRO Meter

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Viavi Refurbished ONX-220 PRO Meter

Optimize your field kits for new hires in the telecommunications industry with this VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter. The meter is designed for testing in rugged conditions and will withstand the technician’s demands. The VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter will solve your technicians' problems right away. This tool also has an exciting and colorful interface. On the screen right there on the device, you are able to inspect all of the elements necessary for analysis visually. This easy-to-read dashboard is color coded to improve accuracy rates. Upgrade the way your crew handles fieldwork with the use of the VIAVI DSP Meter. We recommend the VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter from among the competitors due to its durability. The rugged handheld body of this device protects the unit from wear and tear. The power inside the VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter is just as important for this instrument. You are looking at full auto test results within two minutes, which decreases your time spent working on the job. Receive accurate Pass/Fail results with tests that are far more accurate than other devices.

Features of the VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter

The VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter has several tech specifications that are important to note:
  • Measures analog and digital, including DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM
  • Model No. ONX-220-65-204-D31-BASE
  • ONX-220-65-204-D31-BASE
  • 65/204 MHz dual diplexer

The VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter also features a touchscreen control panel. This is easy and intuitive for technicians to learn on demand. Real-time analysis is the key feature that sets this VIAVI ONX-220 DSP Meter apart from the others on the market. Buy this meter today and begin working fast and smarter.

This out-of-the-box, reconditioned unit is sold with a carrying case, shoulder strap, and charger.