MT-8006B - Test Set



The MT-8006B is a Data Driver Handset that's ideal for telephone and line testing as well as a high impedance monitor. The handset features a telephone line polarity indicator and contains a 12 number memory for speed dialing. There's also a talk/monitor function and a belt clip for user convenience.


• LCD display for dialing number, Caller ID, Clock and other information
• Tone (DTMF) and pulse operation
• Indicator for determining the Net service and speed
• Up to 32 digits phone number memory for speed dialing key
• Smart power saving enables battery life up to 6 months
• Pre-dialing and last number redial function
• 12 phone number memory for speed dialing
• PBX pause key, insert a PBX pause in stored numbers
• 16 dialing number memories
• Telephone line polarity indicators

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